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PRAI 24K Gold Wrinkle Repair Night Crème 50ml
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PRAI 24K Gold Wrinkle Repair Night Crème 50ml



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PRAI’s luxurious night crème revitalises your complexion while you rest. It boasts a whipped texture that glides effortlessly across your face, sinking in readily without any unwanted residues. Formulated with proprietary peptide technology, Tripeptide Syn-Coll™, the cream works to maintain an appearance of normal collagen while reducing the look of wrinkles and lines. Dream your way towards a more youthful illusion by making this indulgent product a regular part of your routine. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, the moisturiser locks in hydration to keep skin feeling supple. It wards off dryness and helps to decrease the risk of excess water loss. It’s blended with 24K Gold, which acts as a soothing barrier against inflammation. Not only will skin feel more comfortable, but it will seem to have a newfound luminosity and radiance. Thanks to Nulastic™ Silk, your natural barriers and structures will be supported, giving skin a fortified finish while Centella Asiatica hones in on areas of sun damage, helping them to appear less noticeable. The night cream even has gentle exfoliating properties to promote the resurfacing of your top layer of skin. This comes from Bamboo and Pea extracts that can aid in diminishing the look of age spots. Finished off with PRAI Oil, the formula gives your complexion an enviable glow come morning.

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