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Bioglan Beauty Collagen Powder 151g
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Bioglan Beauty Collagen Powder 151g



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Unlock the secret to ageless beauty with the Bioglan Beauty Collagen Powder; a tub of high-strength collagen supplement powder, specially formulated with readily absorbed hydrolysed Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. As the most abundant protein in the human body, Collagen is a vital component responsible for forming bonds to provide strength, elasticity and structure in our skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, cartilage and connective tissues. Though produced organically in the body, collagen production naturally depletes as we age, so the powder, enriched with Biotin, Selenium and antioxidant Vitamin C offer a helping hand to support the maintenance of healthy hair, nails and skin. Tasteless and odourless, the water-soluble powder makes for a nourishing addition to smoothies, shakes and soups, boosting your daily collagen levels within your diet.

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