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ESPA Restful Collection (Worth £102.00)
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ESPA Restful Collection (Worth £102.00)

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This curated collection showcases ESPA's beloved Restful range - enriched with a blissful blend of Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils that soothe the senses as you prepare to sleep. Velvety textures and intoxicating scents envelop you as you sink into slumber, whilst ESPA's 100% silk eye mask cradles tired eyes. Discover our indulgent nightly offerings for a peaceful, nourishing ritual for the body, mind, and spirit – featuring nature’s finest offerings to encourage calming dreams. Lavender-scented rest is yours with this sleeping gift set. Experience the gift of wellness and begin to brighten your inner glow, from the moment you wake to being deep within your dreams. ESPA, With you in a life of wellness. Enriched with ESPA’s Restful aromatherapy essential oil blend: Lavender, Clary Sage, and Eucalyptus. Set Contents: Restful Bath Milk 100ml Relaxing oil-rich bath milk to nourish your skin and wellbeing. Swirl the delicate formula into the bath, exhale, and sink into the warm water. Enjoy the Restful essential oils that nourish the skin and spirit with an indulgent, botanical bath. Restful Night Cream 100ml Indulgent lavender body cream for blissful bedtimes and luxurious nourishment. Rich botanical lipids nourish the skin whilst earthy Valerian is balanced with skin-calming Chamomile, Hops, Ashwagandha, and Swiss Stone Pine. Relax as you prepare for a heavenly night’s sleep. Restful Pulse Point Oil 9ml This beautiful pulse point oil is designed to be used as part of a calming evening routine that promotes a sense of wellbeing. The blissful aromatherapy blend is conveniently sized to be the perfect bedside companion. The ideal pocket-sized or night-stand indulgence. Restful Pillow Mist 12ml Aromatherapy body, room, and linen mist for blissful bedtimes. Powered by nature’s Restful botanical offerings. Simply spritz onto pillows and bedlinen for a fragrant caress of blissful aromatherapy to cradle the senses as you fall into a heavenly night’s sleep. Enriched with ESPA’s Restful aromatherapy essential oil blend: Lavender, Clary Sage, and Eucalyptus. Silk Eye Mask in Midnight Blue ESPA’s 100 percent silk mask is the perfect nightly luxury for sound slumber, now in our exclusive Limited Edition Christmas colourway, Midnight Blue. Our luxurious 22 Momme silk boasts high density that blocks out any unwanted light, whilst remaining breathable and soft. Gentle on delicate eyelids with an elasticated strap to stay in place, this silk saviour provides comfort for tired eyes. Delicately accented with the embroidered ESPA monogram for a little touch of opulence.

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