7 secrets – Find the hidden promo codes

The secret discount codes – how you can find them!

So you've Googled promo codes and they doesn't work? Frustrated and close to giving up? Don't worry! We will give you all the tricks to make sure you find working promo codes. Here, we list the seven most efficient ways of finding those discount codes. You can thank us later :)

  1. Abandon your cart

    Most big and smart e-commerce sites don't want you to abandon your filled cart. Of course. Hence, they hunt you down with offers if you do decide to abandon the cart. This tip takes a bit more time and needs endurance and patience. But it's worth it. Do like this: Create an account at the webshop you plan on shopping with. Start to fill your cart with items, but don't checkout. Leave the website with all items still in the cart. Then, wait for the store to send you an mail with an offer you can't refuse. An offer which most likely will include a promo code for your items.

    Abandon your cart
    Try filling your cart while remaining logged in to the site, but DON'T checkout. Keep an eye out in your mailbox for an offer within a couple of days!
  2. Leave the page immediately

    Try opening a private browser window (also known as inkognito). Then go ahead and type in your preferred webshop URL in the addressbar. Then immediately leave the website, don't click around. Just pai leave. If you're lucky, a popup window with a promo code or similar will appear. Voilá!

    Leave the webpage
    Try leaving the website. If luck comes your way, a promo code will appear!
  3. Sign up for the newsletter

    As easy as it sounds. Sign up to the e-commerce newsletter and get a promo code sent directly to your mailbox. Of course the discount code works. Perfect!

    Sign up for the company newsletter
    Sign up for the newsletter, most often a promo code is handed our to those who do.
  4. Create an account first

    Most often new customers are treated very well. You can take advantage of this by first create an account (also known as sign up) with the merchant you are looking to purchase items from. If your're lucky they will treat you with a working promo code for the effort.

    Sign up
    Sign up first, sometimes you will be rewarded with a discount code as pictured above.
  5. Social media

    So you can't find a promo code for the store, even if you look everywhere and try every tip? Then turn to the mechants own social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram. Or Snapchat and Twiiter. You might strike gold, in the form of working promo codes and offers, which are both current and applies for existing customers. Striiiike!

  6. Be smart

    Did you just find a promo code called NEWCUSTOMER17 or BIGDISCOUNT10? Then maybe you can figure out that also NEWCUSTOMER18 or BIGDISCOUNT15 might work. Try everything and feel like a gold digger!

  7. The start page

    Maybe you Googled yourself all the way into the product page and added it to the cart? And then headed straight for the checkout without having a look at the front page? Hold on! Don't miss out on any promo code by not checking out the stores home page before. Just click the header logo to navigate to home. Then have a look out for any discounts or promo codes.

    Surf the start page
    Right infront of the eyes, there it is. The promo code.
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